Dr. Beck
  • Welcome to the Frank Zervas Elementary School, a vibrant, inclusive community comprised of more than 430 students, their families, and a staff of over 100 professionals. Pulling from the neighborhoods of Waban, Newton Highlands, and Boston, our school houses 22 classrooms for students in kindergarten through grade 5, as well as spaces for physical education, art, music, library/technology classes, and special education staff. In September, 2017, we opened our new school facility which provides beautiful learning spaces to support our innovative programming needs.  We are pleased to house the city-wide STRIDE program, which supports students with significant communication and learning disabilities.  

    Established by staff and students, the Zervas High Five represent the overarching values of the Zervas Community and make it clear how much the Zervas community is invested in a positive learning environment. We are committed to instilling these ideals in our students- Choose Kind, Think First, Be Flexible, Work Hard and Aim High. It is only through a partnership between school and home that we will be successful in instilling these values in our students. By working together we can enable all of our students to succeed.

    The curriculum at Zervas is rich and exciting and is based on the Newton Public Schools grade level benchmarks. Throughout the years our students develop their skills as fluent readers with strong understanding and the ability to critically analyze what they read. As writers they learn to write clearly, competently, and with style for a variety of audiences and purposes. In mathematics, we expect our students to become efficient and accurate at computation, as well as learn to solve complex real-world problems and engage in mathematical discourse with peers. Through their study of science and social studies topics students expand their knowledge of the world. They also become excellent observers and thinkers as they develop and test hypotheses based on real and authentic interactions with the world. Following the principles of Responsive Classroom, we foster our students' development of social skills necessary to work well with others, to understand and respect human differences, and to make a positive contribution to their school and community. Most of all we hope that students leave Zervas with a true love of learning, curious about the world, and with the skills and the desire to make a positive difference in their school, community, and in the world.