• The goal of the mathematics program in the Newton Public Schools is for all students to understand mathematical concepts and procedures; to be able to apply procedures, concepts, and processes to the solution of challenging problems in a variety of school, home and work settings; and to prepare students for continued study of mathematics and fields that require the use of mathematics.

    To meet our goal, we have the following objectives, which reflect our commitment to the vision articulated in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) Principles and Standards for School Mathematics.

    All our students will have access to high-quality, engaging mathematics instruction. We will have ambitious expectations for all, with support for those who need it. Our curriculum will be mathematically rich, offering students opportunities to learn important mathematical concepts and procedures with understanding. Our curriculum will link mathematical ideas through the grades and build so that students' understanding and knowledge deepens and their ability to apply mathematics expands. Our curriculum will challenge students to learn increasingly more sophisticated mathematical ideas as they move through the K-12 system. Our curriculum will require students to communicate their mathematical reasoning and justify their conclusions orally and in writing. Our teachers will be knowledgeable about the mathematics they teach, have adequate resources to support their work, and will continually grow as professionals.

    The structure of our curriculum reflects our goals and objectives, and emphasis both on the content standards and Standards for Mathematical Practice identified in the Principles and Standards and the Massachusetts Mathematics Curriculum Frameworks Incorporating the Common Core State Standards.

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