• Welcome to the NNHS Peer Tutoring Program

    Peer Tutoring Program Description: 

    The Peer tutoring program matches upperclassmen with underclassmen who would benefit from additional academic help. Tutors will be trained and supervised by a faculty member and individually matched with tutees based on need. Tutoring will include assistance with concepts and content in specific subjects, classroom assignments, and general study skills such as note taking, outlining, test preparation, and organization. This course will meet once a week and will count for 1 credit per term per block for tutors. The course will be graded pass/fail based on attendance and participation. 

    Tutors must complete an application process. This includes approval from the program coordinator and recommendation from a teacher in one of the subject areas tutored.

    Tutor Application Process:

    1. Complete the following online application.

    2. Ask a teacher in one of the subject areas you plan to tutor to complete the following recommendation form.


    Request a Tutor:

    Students and/or parents & guardians should contact the teacher of the course they would like tutoring in or their guidance counselor to initiate the referral process to join the program. Students must have a free block or a study hall during the day. This may include WIN and Tiger Block. 

    Please email Jamie Bal with any questions regarding the Peer Tutoring Program.