Tuition and Fellowships

  • The total tuition cost of the NTR program is $6,000 plus additional fees for textbooks and materials. Tuition is payable by semester in two equal payments of $3,000 and covers only the coursework specifically included in the NTR program.

    NTR offers fellowships to all accepted candidates in the amount of $5,400. Candidates who accept the fellowship work as part-time classroom aides in the schools where they are placed during the academic year. Candidates who accept the fellowship will make an initial tuition payment of $600, and will have all other tuition costs covered by the fellowship.
    NTR also offers a Developing Leader Fellowship (DLF). The DLF is awarded annually to a NTR candidate whose application demonstrates a commitment to the district's goal of "narrowing the achievement gap with respect to race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status and supporting the social and emotional growth of our students." (Newton Public Schools Race and Achievement District Initiative)