Three Questions You Should Ask About Your Teacher Preparation Program

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    Who will be teaching your courses?

    At NTR, all program faculty are active classroom teachers in Newton’s high schools. They have been selected by NTR for their expertise and experience, and they are teaching you the knowledge and skills that they use in their own classrooms every day.
    apple2 Where will you be doing your student teaching, and with whom?
    As an NTR licensure candidate, you will student teach at Newton North or Newton South High School. You will be placed with a mentor teacher in your subject field who is trained to work with licensure candidates.
    apple3 How much time will you spend actually teaching real students?
    During your first semester at NTR you will gradually take responsibility for one class; during the second semester you’ll add another class. By the time you receive your license and are looking for jobs, you’ll have spent almost an entire school year teaching your subject to Newton high school students.