Program Philosophy

  • At NTR, we think the best way to learn how to teach is to practice, under the guidance of talented and experienced mentors. Our program offers course work that is tightly integrated with mentored experience in actual classrooms with real students. Licensure candidates are provided with regular feedback about their teaching, and receive constant support from their mentors and from the NTR faculty. By the time you graduate, you'll have a school year's worth of curriculum materials, lesson plans, unit plans, and ideas about teaching your subject that you can apply directly to your first teaching position. You'll also have a solid grounding in theories of teaching, and an invaluable real-world introduction to all aspects of school life.
    We believe that effective teachers draw on four essential types of knowledge: effective teachers know their subjects, know the school community they work in, know a variety of pedagogical tools for teaching their subjects, and know their students. The NTR program is designed to teach these four types of knowledge, and to help candidates answer a set of key questions that are used by effective teachers:

    •What do I want the students to know?
    • What teaching techniques could I use to achieve these learning goals?
    • Which technique best matches these goals and these students?
    • Are the students learning what I want them to learn, and how do I know?