Professional Practice Elementary

    3rd Grade Writing PLC
    The video demonstrates a recommended process for Professional Learning Communities to use for common lesson planning and reflection. The post-observation conference provides a model for conversations between evaluators and the staff members they observe.

    Elementary Planning

    In this video, the third grade PLC at Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School meets to plan Lesson 22, which addresses proofreading and editing persuasive writing. (Teachers: Johanna Crist, Peggy Marino, Lupe Gueye, Deana Lew). The team decides on goals, procedures, and materials for the upcoming lesson. They look at student work in order to plan small group instruction and conferences. After the meeting, teachers go off to teach the lesson in each of their classrooms.
    Elementary Instruction
    Deana teaches the lesson. After the whole-class mini-lesson, she confers with a small group and individual students. At the end of the work time, the class reconvenes to discuss potential audiences for their petitions, persuasive letters and editorials. Observing the lesson (off camera) are: the third grade team and Anne Mikulski, Coordinator of English Language Arts.
    Elementary Lesson Debrief
    In this follow-up meeting, the team reflects on the outcomes of the lesson and plans next steps for instruction.
    Elementary Evaluation Discussion
    Deana and Anne have a post-observation conference in which Deana reflects on the lesson and Anne asks thought-provoking questions and provides feedback.