Middle School Professional Practice

    6th Grade Math PLC
    Middle school teachers and math coaches use the Professional Learning Community model to develop lessons and assessments that strengthen student performance. In addition, they use this time to debrief and share feedback so each can reflect on and refine their own practice.
    Task for Students: Tiling Pools
    A team of sixth grade teachers collaborate and plan with the math coach before implementing a high cognitive demand task in their classrooms. This particular task addresses several of the Expressions and Equations content standards in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. It also focuses on the Math Practices, in particular MP7 [Look for and make use of structure].
    A sixth grade teacher implements the task in her classroom. She uses several different teaching strategies with the students to increase engagement and to maintain the task's high level of cognitive demand.
    The sixth grade team meets with the math coach to discuss their experiences with the task. They reflect on what went well and what could be done differently. They talk about a mistake that was made involving the launch of the task and how it impacted students’ understanding and performance.
    The sixth grade teacher who was filmed teaching the lesson meets with the math coach. Together they revisit the objectives of the lesson and reflect on ways to improve student outcomes.