High School Professional Practice

    9th Grade Physics/Engineering PLC


    This PLC includes Introductory Physics and Engineering teachers from Newton North and Newton South high schools. The four teachers have been participating in a National Science Foundation funded professional development project designed to help teachers infuse engineering content and practices into their physics instruction as is required by the Next Generation Science Standards.

    During year one of the project, two of the teachers developed and implemented a project called Lights Out! This series of videos documents the PLC's work to revise this project and implement it in year two.

    High School Planning

    The PLC reviews the assignment and student work from last school year. They use a loose Tuning Protocol to provide feedback on the project and brainstorm ideas for revision.
    Tuning Protocol
    Original Student Handout
    Standards Discussed

    High School Instruction

    NNHS Introductory Physics teacher Shu-Yee Chen implements one day of the project in her class. Shu-Yee's supervisor and the other teachers observe the lesson.

    High School Lesson Debrief

    The PLC gathers to reflect on the lesson. Shu-yee reflects on the lesson and the team gives feedback to Shu-Yee.

    High School Evaluation Discussion

    Shu-Yee meets with her supervisor for a reflective feedback conference regarding the announced observation of the lesson.