• FY09 Budget: The final school department budget for FY09 is $160,085,168 representing a 3.2% increase over the FY08 budget.

    As outlined in the budget, there was a reduction of approximately 79 positions in the school department in FY09. These reductions include, but are not limited to, 6 social workers positions, classroom aides, and 6 custodians.

    Allocation Revisions - The Committee passed $1.12 million adjustments to the allocation budget on 2/11/08, which shifted some resources but did not modify the bottom line amount. Eight elementary teacher positions were cut to raise the cap on class size in grades 2-5 to 28 from 27; 1.8 FTE were cut from art, music, and PE specialists since eight fewer classrooms would need to be scheduled (the art, music, PE programs were kept intact); and 12.3 class size aides were eliminated. Administration was cut by 2.0 FTE. Add-backs included: 14.5 elementary literacy specialists and aides, 3.0 math coaches (the current math initiative), 4.6 middle school FTE, 1.1 FTE middle school inclusion facilitators, 3.0 FTE pupil services teachers, 0.5 physical therapist, and 0.4 pupil services speech and language coordinator.