Financial Waiver Information

  • As in prior years, it is the intention of the Newton Public Schools that no student be denied participation in school-sponsored activities and bus transportation due to inability to pay. Financial assistance and waivers are granted based upon income and family size, as well as special circumstances such as unforeseen medical problems, change in family status, change in employment status, other emergencies, or other temporary hardships. All waiver applications are confidential. Financial waivers do not apply to high school parking.

Financial Assistance and Waiver Application

  • Please note that the application for financial assistance and fee waivers is now available through the Aspen Parent Portal. Below is the process and timeline:

    1. Log into the Aspen Parent Portal. If you do not remember your Aspen login, please email
    2. Follow instructions to complete the form: Instruction to Complete Financial Assistance and Fee Waiver form.
    3. Complete one form for each student.
    4. You will receive a response to your application in 24-48 hours or 1-2 business days.
    5. Upon approval, register for the activity or service. Select the assistance/waiver option.
    6. The necessary staff will be informed of the approval to facilitate participation in the activity or service. Confidentiality will be maintained.

    Once approved, your approval is good for one year. You must reapply each year.

Financial Assistance Application-General