Out of Assigned District - Newton Residents and NPS Faculty/Staff Only

  • The Newton Public Schools considers applications from families residing in Newton who would like their student to attend or transfer to a school different from their assigned district. This process is also utilized for Newton faculty/staff (NTA Units A, B, C, D, E, NESA, Custoical Union) who wish to enroll their student in the Newton Public Schools.


  • The application period for Out-of-District placements is now closed. Please contact the offices below for instructions on how to submit a late application. 

    Placement decisions for those who submitted applications by the deadline will be made as close to June 1 as possible. Applications received after May 3 and before Labor Day may be considered only after all other placement decisions have been made. 

    Questions? Contact:

    Elementary Education (K-5) Maureen McAdams (mcadamsm@newton.k12.ma.us )

    Secondary Education (6-12) Lisa Mazzola (mazzolal@newton.k12.ma.us )

    For general information on the 2021-22 process, please download this document.

Other Key Information

    • Out-of-Assigned (OAD) district placements are limited and are made on a space available basis. The established procedure and application process must be followed in order for the request to be considered. Please see the Out-of-Assigned District Policy issued by the Newton School Committee.
    • Parents/guardians are responsible for transportation if the student is placed out-of-assigned district.
    • For families, once an out-of-assigned district placement is approved, the student will follow the feeder pattern for the new school through middle and high school. A new application is NOT needed each year.