Science, Technology and Engineering

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  • Elizabeth Butler Everitt
    Curriculum Coordinator K-8
    Education Center 
  • Heather Hotchkiss
    Department Chair
    Newton North High School
    Room 460H
  • Overview
    The Newton Public Schools Science and Technology/ Engineering Department believes that the study of Science and Technology Engineering is critical to the life of every Newton student. Students should study science and technology engineering in order to:
    • appreciate how the relationship between science and technology enhances our ability to solve human problems.
    • appreciate the nature of science and technology/ engineering; developing the skills and strategies that students need to be scientifically literate, solve problems and analyze scientific and engineering reports, to think logically and express themselves clearly.
    • engage in investigations that develop inquiry and critical thinking skills as well as understanding that scientific knowledge is simultaneously reliable and tentative.
    • engage in scientific practices while investigating natural events, learning to make detailed observations of nature, identifying patterns of change over time or across locations,  making and evaluating several claims based on evidence, and engaging in argumentation. 
    • engage in the engineering design process, the proper use of tools and of materials to invent or solve a problem
    Through age-appropriate investigations, students will see that there is no one step-by-step scientific method but rather a scientific approach to understanding nature. Throughout the science, and technology/ engineering program, students are asked to explore the science and technology/ engineering contributions of men and women from different races and cultures and appreciate the diverse sources of these contributions. They are also asked to work collaboratively with peers, incorporating different perspectives when constructing knowledge or making decisions, and respectfully analyze other student’s approaches to problem solving and investigation while giving respectful feedback.