Fine Arts K-12

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  • Elementary Art & Music

    Elementary students receive visual art instruction from visual art specialists who are assigned to each school. The instruction is conducted in designated art classrooms. Each student (K-5) receives a minimum of 45 minutes of art instruction per week (1st & 2nd grade 50 min.). In addition, the visual art specialists are available to work with students and teachers on limited special projects.

    Middle School Program

    Visual art, music, and drama instruction in the middle schools is offered on rotating and elective class schedules. During the course of the three years, all students will have had the opportunity to receive instruction in each art form.

    Special Opportunities for Elementary and Middle School Students

    The elementary and middle schools are very fortunate to have active PTO Creative Arts and Sciences Committees. These parent groups work cooperatively citywide to place artists, scientists and historians in the schools for performances and special events throughout the year.

    High School

    Both high schools offer comprehensive art, music and drama programs. In each school, the students are able to elect a variety of courses which carry varying amounts of credit. All students must complete an arts requirement for graduation. As part of and in addition to regular scheduled courses, each school offers a variety of arts related activities for student involvement and participation.