•  Enrichment After School Program
  • Enrichment Program Director: Katrina Antonellis

    Enrichment Program will begin TBD.
    The schedule will be revised every month.

    All Brown Middle School extracurricular activities operate under the umbrella of the Enrichment Program. To access the Enrichment Schedule, please go to the Brown website and click the Enrichment Activities Tab. Enrichment Advisor's can answer specific questions.

    The Enrichment program is for any student interested in being involved in a variety of after school activities. Activities run from 3:05 to 4:05 every day except Tuesday. Activities will be scheduled throughout the year. Some activities will be for sixth graders only and others will be available to all grades.

    There is a student activities fee associated with school-sponsored extra-curricular activities. The fee is $60 or $100 per student (if student also participates in drama). See Students' Rights and Responsibilities Handbook page #33.

    Schedules will be given to team teachers each month to be posted in their rooms. Announcements are also made over the P.A. system and the daily bulletin. All activities are supervised by teachers. Schedule is posted on the website under the Enrichment Activities Tab.

    At times an activity may be canceled. Students need to listen to announcements so that they know when an activity is being canceled.


    Club activities appeal to a wide range of student interests. They vary with each term. Clubs and Intramural sports are open to ALL students. The club program in each middle school includes intramural sport activities for sixth graders and an optional activity program for grades six, seven and eighth. The intramural program provides opportunities for sixth graders to participate in sports, as they are not eligible for school athletic teams. Please note our varsity athletic program is only available for 7th and 8th graders.
    Important Notice regarding 6th Grade Cross Country Enrichment Program: Sixth graders can participate in our Cross Country Enrichment Running Program. Interested Candidates must register on FamilyID. Informational letter is sent out to parents. Program meets two days a week and participants will compete in Home Only Cross country meets in the fall.
    Click on attachment for registration information: Registration On FamilyID for 6th Grade Cross- Country Enrichmnent Program

    Enrichment program provides for a variety of clubs that respond to the needs and interests of students.