Oak Hill Mission and Core Values

  • Mission

    The essential mission of Oak Hill Middle School focuses on raising the academic achievement of all students and nurturing their growth and development. We believe that:

    • Learning is incremental.
    • Each of our students is capable of achievement a high level.
    • Effort and effective strategies are the key for success.
    • Collaboration/collegiality removes obstacles to our mission.
    • Nurture curiosity, creativity, and a passion for learning.
    • Foster self-confidence and success for all learners.

    Core Values: Respect for Human Differences

    We expect our community members to demonstrate:

    • Respect for themselves, others and the property we share.
    • Respect for the contribution of each individual.
    • Respect for the responsibility of giving back to the community.

    At Oak Hill, we take care of ourselves, others, and the environment.

    Academic Achievement /Thinking Skills

    We expect our students to:

    • Stretch themselves beyond their comfort zone and Find Out How Good You Can Be every day.
    • Demonstrate their willingness to take responsibility for their own learning.
    • Use their acquired skills to engage in:
      • Thoughtful research by organizing information.
      • Technology literacy.
      • Clear communication.
      • Creative thinking.
      • Appreciation for the arts.