• What our graduates are saying:


    Cailtin O'Rourke

     “The Newton Teacher Residency program was invaluable in gaining hands-on experience to complement the strategies  and techniques at Lesley.Through  NTR, I received the best  possible preparation for the rigors of teaching in public  school, and I genuinely can't imagine having gone into the classroom  without being equipped with the knowledge and  tools that I learned in the program.” ~ Caitlin O’Rourke, U.S. and  World History teacher, Newton  North High School.  

    David Rainey
     "The Newton Teacher Residency immediately exposed me to all the aspects of teaching. The NTR experience gave me the opportunity to test whether I had the  "right stuff" to be a teacher while simultaneously providing me with support and guidance to reflect and improve as an educator."~ David Rainey, taught at   Scituate High School.       

    Julie Lebeaux

     "Through my experience as an NTR intern I saw what goes into teaching from the first day of school to the last I learned how to put together a syllabus,stablish  classroom policies, plan units and lessons, and collaborate with colleagues. I got real and hands-on experience working and  communicating with students  teachers, and NNHS staff. NTR showed me what it was really like to be a teacher and provided me with a tremendous amount of resources and teaching ideas  that I know will help me be successful in my first year of high school teaching.Julie  Lebeaux, U.S. and World History teacher, Newton South High School.



    Max Roberts

    "I have been happily teaching Modern World and U.S. History at NNHS full-time since 2014. I think of NTR often and how helpful my training was (and continues to be). I was especially grateful for the opportunity to student-teach in one place and to get to know the school community over the course of an entire school year." ~ Max Roberts, Modern World and U.S. History teacher, Newton North High School.



    "I enjoyed the classroom experience of the Newton Teacher Residency program. As an aspiring teacher, I found out quickly what the profession is really like. This is invaluable. In this program, you are not shielded from the day-to-day ups and downs of teaching, and there is simply no substitute for this experience. This program throws you into the fire (with a solid support system), and at the end of the year you are well on your way to becoming the teacher you want to be." ~ Rob Greenfield, History teacher, Newton North High School.


    "When I explain NTR to people who ask about my student teaching experience, I say that being able to learn from a master teacher and see the school year from start to finish was invaluable. I felt very much involved in the school and department and was respected as a teacher by the students because I was involved from day one in their learning and development."
    ~ Kara Constantine, Chemistry teacher, Freeport High School. ME

    "NTR was indispensable experience. Unlike most traditional M.A.T. programs that require future teachers to split their year between a middle school and high school, on top of taking courses at a university, NTR immerses their residents in a single school for a full year. Residents acclimate to the school calendar while forming real bonds with their students and mentor. The program's courses are also taught by high school teachers rather than professors, giving the residents access to professionals who have relevant classroom experience." ~ Irina Itriyeva, English and journalism teacher, Summit High School, New Jersey.

    "I truly feel prepared to teach in my first year based on my experience in the program."

    "I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been able to participate in such an excellent program and work site, and brain-drain so many excellent teachers. I recommend the program to anyone who is considering a career switch into teaching."

    "I enjoyed being so involved with the school. From after school help, to tutoring and knowing the whole science department I had a great understanding of what working in a collaborative environment was like."

    "What a great program. I really feel that it prepared me for the massive amount of work I've been doing lately, and surprisingly, all my first year teacher stress was spent last year! I feel SO COMFORTABLE at this job, so much so that some teachers and administrators are surprised to hear that I'm a first year teacher!"