Newton School Volunteers

  • Students say...
    "I think I'm getting smart."
    "Math can be FUN!"
  • Tutors say...
    "Tutoring is exceptionally
    rewarding, it's the best part of my


  • The Newton School Volunteers Program provides individual math support for Newton students in grades 2-5 to help them gain confidence and competence in mathematics. Using the Everyday Mathematics curriculum, tutors work with children before or after school, once a week, for 45 minutes, playing games that help reinforce skills, helping with daily assignments, and helping to fill in the gaps in mathematical knowledge. Students have the benefit of one-on-one attention from a caring adult who is there to listen to their mathematical reasoning, ask questions to guide their thinking, and help them experience success in mathematics. The program is available in all Newton elementary schools throughout the school year.

    If you would like your child to be tutored by a Newton School Volunteer, please contact your child’s teacher or the Program Coordinator, Ellen Bender, above.

    If you would like to be a Newton School Volunteer tutor, please contact Ellen Bender, above.

    • You will be asked to meet with the Coordinator to learn more about the program and indicate your preference for school, grade level, days and times. 
    • Teaching experience is not required. 
    • You will receive training in current instructional techniques and a variety of materials to use when working with your student. Seminars for tutors are scheduled regularly.

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