Program Summary

  • This 9-min documentary highlighted three generations of exchange teachers and students, and how the program has impacted their lives.

    Normally during fall semester of every school year, Newton hosts a group of 7-9 students and 1-2 teachers from the Beijing Jingshan School. In spring semester, the Newton - Beijing Jingshan School Exchange Program sends two Newton teachers and a group of students from both Newton North and Newton South to the Jingshan School in Beijing, Newton Public Schools' sister school. While in Beijing, teachers teach English and continue their own study of Chinese (Mandarin). Students attend classes in Chinese language, history, art, music, math, science, and martial arts — all in Chinese.

    For 24-25 school year, NPS will send 2 teachers and 6 students from Jan. to May of 2025, and we are not hosting this year.

Program Details

  • Qualifications

    The requirements for successful candidates for the Exchange are:

    • a keen spirit of adventure
    • commitment to learn Chinese
    • flexibility in travel and living arrangements
    • willingness and enthusiasm to serve as an ambassador
    • a lively esprit de corps


    Living Arrangements

    Both the Newton group in Beijing and the Jingshan group in Newton live with host families.

    Time of Stay
    The Newton group spends the spring semester in Beijing — approximately four months.
    The Newton group hosts students from the Jingshan school in the fall semester — approximately four months. 

    During the two weeks in August, the Exchange requires Newton participants to spend time together for bonding purposes. In 2024, it will be August 12 - August 23.

Additional Program Information

  • Newton Public Schools
    100 Walnut Street
    Newton, MA 02460

    Beijing Jingshan School
    53 Dengshikou
    East City District
    Beijing 100006
    People's Republic of China

    US Department of State
    This toll free number and e-mail can be used by host families, exchange students and the public to report circumstances impacting exchange students’ health, safety and well being during their exchange visitor programs.

    Past Teachers
    If you are interested in talking to past exchange teachers, please contact Star Lew, Program Specialist, at for contact information. The past teachers will be more than happy to talk to you about China and answer any of your questions.

Contact Information