• PLEASE NOTE: Students must use personal email accounts for work permits. Work permits are not considered school related and NPS student email accounts do not allow for external communications. Thank you!

Student Work Permits

  • All Minors between the ages of 14 to18 are required to obtain a work permit to be employed in the state of Massachusetts. To obtain a work permit, please complete both the work permit form and the school record form (links to the right.) Please use the instructions and checklist for a list of documents you will need to complete the process. 
    Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all work permit applications are being processed virtually. All forms will be processed by the high school you attend. If you are currently in middle school, you should obtain your permit through the high school you will attend. Middle schools cannot process work permits.
    Note: If you are a Newton resident, but are not enrolled in the Newton Public Schools, your application should be returned to the school you WOULD attend if enrolled. Don't know your school? Visti the City of Newton website find out. 
    Visit Newton North for work permit applications
    Visit Newton South for work permit applications
    PLEASE NOTE: The Superintendent's office is not involved in this process. The contact listed on the website at either North or South is the authorizing agent for the work permit. All forms should be submitted to the school you do (or would) attend. 
    For more information on the work permit process, please visit the state website.