Public Records Requests

  • The Massachusetts Public Records Law provides a means for access to public documents and other information. This right of access requires that the district produce copies of records, allow for inspection of the records, or notification of a denial within 10 business days of the request in the absence of an extension.

    You may request the documents that you are looking for directly from the department that holds them. The quickest way to submit your request is to use the online system.

    Requests may also be submitted by downloading this paper form and mailing it. 

How to Submit a Request

  • The quickest way to submit your request is to use the online system.
    To submit your request via mail, please use this form and the contact information listed below.
    Mailing address:
    Education Center
    100 Walnut St.
    Newton, MA 02460
    Contacts (by inquiry area)
    Jill Murray: Employment and Legal, email
    Liam Hurley: Business and Operations, email
    Renee McCall: Curriculum and Information Technology, email
    Toby Romer: Secondary Education, email
    Ayesha Farag: Elementary Education,email
    Casey Ngo-Miller: Student Services, email


  • The district may charge fees as follows:
    • If a request will take more than two (two) hours, the City may charge a reasonable fee, up to $25 per hour to collect, segregate and redact the documents if necessary.
    • The district is permitted to charge $.05 per copy, or for the cost of a portable storage device.
    • The district will require payment before fulfilling a request.

    Some records maintained by the district are exempt from disclosure. If such records are requested, the district will be required to deny the request and will notify you of the reasons for the denial. Potential reasons for denial include: 

    • Student records, certain vital records, criminal record information, personnel or medical files, records that would constitute an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy, certain investigatory law enforcement materials, and proposals and bids prior to the award of a contract.