Long-Range Planning and Building Projects

  • We are continuing an exciting time of facilities renovation and renewal in the Newton Public Schools, with four recently completed projects and four projects that are currently in design or construction. The district is also working with a Consultant on a Facilities and Enrollment Planning Study to help plan for the next batch of building and facility renewal projects and an update of the Long Range Facilities Plan.

    Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, three major Elementary School Building projects were completed as part of the long range plan to address aging facilities and also growing elementary school enrollment at that time.  These projects have provided modern updated facilities, expanded enrollment capacity, and also space for district wide programs. 

    Despite pandemic-related delays, the next group of school building projects has continued to move forward.  In addition to the city-funded NECP and Lincoln-Eliot School projects, passage of the March 14, 2023 Special Election ballot questions #2 and #3 allowed the Countryside and Franklin Elementary school building projects to also move forward.  And, in June 2023, following the unsuccessful outcome of the operating override in March, the Newton Retirement Board voted to adjust their funding program to free up funds for the Horace Mann School renovation and addition project. 

    Recently completed and currently active projects are listed below.

    Angier Elementary School - Completed in 2015

    A new Angier Elementary School building was completed in 2015, in partnership with the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA).

    Zervas Elementary School - Completed in 2017

    A new Zervas Elementary School building was completed in 2017.

    Cabot Elementary School - Completed in 2019

    A complete renovation and new addition was completed in 2019, in partnership with the MSBA.

    Newton Early Childhood Program (NECP) - Completed in 2022

    A complete renovation of 687 Watertown Street (former Horace Mann School) was completed in December 2022, with students in the new location in January 2023.  This is the district’s first all-electric building.

    Lincoln-Eliot Elementary School at 150 Jackson Road - In Construction

    A renovation and new addition project at 150 Jackson Road is currently under construction. The project is expected to be complete for the start of school in September 2025.  This will be the district’s second all electric building.

    Countryside Elementary School Project - In Design - MSBA Project

    In partnership with the MSBA, more than $20M in state funding will be provided for all eligible project costs.  The new school will be built on the field adjacent to the existing building, and will have the first geo-thermal system for heating and cooling in the City. Construction is anticipated to be completed by September of 2027.  

    Franklin Elementary School Project - In Design

    The Franklin School project will build a new school on the field adjacent to the existing school building.  The Franklin project is being designed with a geo-thermal heating and cooling system.  The project is anticipated to be completed by September of 2027.

    Horace Mann Elementary School Project - In Design

    The Horace Mann renovation and addition project will add a new cafeterium, music room and 6 classrooms, and will reconfigure existing space to create a new library/media center as well as other interior modifications.  The project is anticipated to be completed by September of 2027.