• The Newton Public Schools History/Social Sciences Department believes that the study of United States and world history and the social sciences is critical to the life of every Newton student. We believe that students should study history and social sciences in order to:
    • Appreciate the historical and cultural influences that shape their individual identities, our national identity, and the cultures and countries that share our planet.
    • Understand and reason about successes, failures, triumphs and tragedies in human history, particularly as they are reflected in the ideas and actions of the people we study.
    • Prepare for adult lives of informed and active citizenship and civic engagement. 
    • Learn to assess and interpret evidence, to understand change over time, to think logically and express themselves clearly.
    Newton’s history/social sciences program provides age-appropriate experiences for students to view and come to understand themselves; their family and cultural heritage; the United States and the world; and the relationship between and among them. Throughout the history program, students are asked to explore the contributions and experiences of different peoples, past and present, appreciate the diverse sources of these contributions, and apply this knowledge as citizens of the United States.
  • Education Center
  • Newton North High
  • Newton South High
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