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Digital History

Accurate short summary of the event, very good for adults. Some students will be able to access.

PBS - Eyes on the Prize

Music of the Civil Rights era and its importance to the movement.

MLK - Stanford

Rich resource of Civil Rights history including an online King Encyclopedia and audio and video clips of his speeches.

Civil Rights Digital Library

This site provides adults with a brief overview of the march. Strong readers may be able to access it.


Check with your Library Teacher about the BrainPOP license for your school.

Short animated video clips on Brown vs. Board of Education, and Civil Rights.

Time for Kids

This Time for Kids article summarizes the March briefly and mentions that the Voting Rights Act was passed after the march. The Voting Rights Act allowed African Americans to vote without taking a special test or paying a special fee.

Black History

This is a short, readable article that summarizes the March on Washington.

Info Please

Although this is a more sophisticated site, the information about the March on Washington has great depth. Topics include: the events leading to the March, President Kennedy’s role, the March itself, Dr. King and others who attended.


This site is actually a full biography of Dr. Martin Luther King. It tells about events before and after the March on Washington, as well as the March.


Various images for this Civil Rights event.


Excerpt from Dr. Martin Luther King’s I have a dream speech.

Preparation for the March on Washington.

Search Terms to use with databases:

March on Washington
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
John F. Kennedy
“I Have a Dream” speech

Kids InfoBits

Memories of a later ride.(Interview)  Swain, Gwenyth. Cobblestone, April, 2008.
The author interviews her father who traveled from his home in Indiana to attend the March in Washington in 1963 and hear Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech, “I have a dream”. He tells about his experience on that trip.

Walk to Freedom.(Brief article) Michigan History for Kids. Summer, 2004, p20(2).
This article provides interesting background to the March on Washington because it describes Dr. King’s march in Detroit in June, 1963 – just two months before the March on Washington. Dr. King’s speech in Detroit contained many of the same ideas he had in the speech in Washington.

In memory of Dr. King: the King memorial takes shape on the National Mall.  (Martin Luther King Jr.)(Cover story) Kreisman, Rachelle. WR News, Edition 3 (including Science Spin), Jan 12, 2007, v76, i16, p3(2).
This article describes the new memorial to Dr. King that is being built in Washington and is scheduled for completion in 2008. The article references Dr. King’s speech during the March on Washington.


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