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Triple E Clubs and Activities

(Excellence, Enrichment, Exploration)

Director of Student Activities: 
**Please check the Activities and Sports Calendar for the latest updates to the clubs.
Math Club
Advisor: Ms. Hall

Morning Basketball - Website
Advisor: Mr. Prendergast

Music Ensembles - Website
Advisors: Ms. Lovewell,
Mr. Livingston

Robotics Club
Advisor: Mr. Burtch

Ski and Snowboard Club - UPDATES
Advisor: Ms. Fitzgerald

Student Council
Advisor: Mr. Leone

Drama Club - Website Advisors: Ms. Lovewell, Mr. Cyr

Bigelow Academic Center 
Advisor: Mr. Dalfior

Bigelow GSA - Website
Advisors: Mr. Burtch, Ms. Costello

Bridge Club
Advisor: Ms. Mortimer 

CAD/Woodworking Club - Website
Advisor: Mr. Whitman

Creativity and Crafts
Advisor: Ms. Pentalieri

Computer Science Club 
Advisors: Ms. Costello,
Ms. Dragsbaek

Dance Club
Advisors: Ms Ahern, Ms. Holman

Fencing Club
Advisor: Mr. Burtch