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To be considered for employment with the Newton Public Schools, please apply online. Click here to view current job opportunities and to complete an application.
The Newton Public Schools offers its employees:
  • A competitive salary scale
  • A strong benefits package
  • An educational climate supportive of excellent teaching and high expectations of students and staff
  • A commitment to promote student achievement in innovative and creative ways
  • Opportunities for active participation in the school improvement process
  • A collegial work environment
  • Dedication to using technology as an instructional, communications, and management tool
  • A commitment to respecting and promoting diversity among the school community
  • A supportive, involved, and participatory community
  • Strong connections with local universities and colleges, including Boston College, Boston University, Harvard University, Lesley University, and Simmons College
  • An excellent Mentor/Induction program
  • An ongoing commitment to participation in the METCO Program
  • A broad-based system of professional development opportunities
  • Active support of the schools by the Newton Schools Foundation

The Newton Public Schools seeks licensed teaching candidates who possess a strong academic background, a dedication to the craft of teaching and a commitment to high expectations for all students. Candidates need to exhibit a demonstrated understanding of:

  • standards-based education
  • multicultural education and active anti-racism
  • student learning styles and stages of developmental growth
  • varied teaching strategies and assessment methods
  • full-inclusion classrooms
  • instructional technology
Educators hired by Newton Public Schools are required to hold a valid and appropriate license issued by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.  For more information on the licensure process, click here.

Best Public School Teachers in Massachusetts: Newton Ranks #2

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