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Requests for Transcripts (Former Students)

         Newton North High School
         Records Office 
         457 Walnut Street
         Newtonville, MA  02460
         Phone: 617-559-6257       Fax: 617-559-6204

We need a release from you which contains the following:

  • Your full name when you attended Newton North
  • The year you graduated (or attended) Newton North
  • A phone number we can reach you at
  • If you come to the school to request your transcript, we have a release you can fill out
Please provide us with:
  • $5.00 fee if you graduated more than 5 years ago
  • An addressed, stamped business size envelope to the college or location the transcript is being mailed
    • One stamp for just the transcript
    • Four stamps if more information is being mailed
  • The "official" copy is for a college or place of business
  • A "student" copy can be given to a student (students do not get official copies)
  • Please mail your request to the address listed above