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The following clubs were previously founded by Newton South students but are currently inactive. If you are interested in restarting any club on the list, please contact Mr. Hardiman in the Goldrick House Office or by email at: hardimanc@newton.k12.ma.us. 

Inactive Club List

Name of Club Previous Faculty Advisor
Adapt to Adoption Ms. Wiener
Advanced Mathematical Enrichment Club (AMEC) Ms. Shannon
AP Japanese Club Mr. Panero
Archery Club Mr. Conte
Ceramics Club Ms. Sobin-Jonash
Children of Ghana Ms. Sobin-Jonash
Coffee House Talent Mr. Panero
Computer Science Club Mr. Stulin
Deeper Discussion Club Dr. Estin
Electronic Music Production (EMP) Club Mr. Youngman
Fashion Magazine and Designing Ms. Chen
Fishing Club Ms. Roychowdury
Flag Football Ms. Hoban
French Club Ms. Hammond
Friends in Need Ms. Marder
Generation On Dr. Silverman
Good Neighbors Club Ms. Hee
Graphic Design Club Mr. Hinck
Helping the Homeless Mr. Thompson
History Club Dr. Okun
Innovation Africa Ms. Brown
Language and Pun Club Mr. Kennedy
League of Legends Club Ms. Cassell
Letters of Love Club Mr. Wixon
Magic Club Ms. Connors