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School Registration Overview

The Newton Public School District is a neighborhood school system in which assignments to designated home schools are based on specific street addresses.  Enrollment and assignment to a particular school requires a street address and residence registered in the City of Newton. The voting, DPW, and school district database “Find Your School” assigns a designated home school by address. To identify your assigned school, please click on the button below or call the Assistant Superintendent’s office at 617-559-6105. 

Find Your School
Please note that your address may be in a "buffer zone", which is a defined area of addresses that can be assigned to one of two elementary, middle, or high schools. Students in buffer zones do not have a designated home school until they receive an assignment. Parents/guardians of students residing in a buffer zone must request one of the two designated schools by submitting the appropriate form:
Requests are granted based upon space availability. For more information on buffer zones, visit our Buffer Zone section.
Parents/guardians may register child(ren) by contacting your assigned school for an appointment. All registrations must be done in person.

**Each year before June, School Committee members consider whether Newton should be in the School Choice Program and accept school choice pupils from other districts during the upcoming school year. Newton is currently not a School Choice District and will not be for the 2016-17 school year. To view the list of participating districts within Massachusetts, click here